The Jacob and Rebecca Fuerst Farmstead is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the State Register of Historic Sites. Improvements have been made by volunteers with support provided by local businesses and private organizations.

Barn Painting 2004 PDF Print E-mail

In May 2004, Eric Schleuder, a Novi High School graduate (Class of 2002) and student at Central Michigan University, led a crew of college-age painters who took on the challenge of painting the largest barn on the Farmstead, the South Barn. Over a weekend, Schleuder led his crew from Student Painters through the hard work of preparing the barn for painting and applying a fresh coat of barn red paint to the entire barn. Paint for the barn painting was donated by Sherwin-Williams. Schleuder and his crew were honored for their efforts with a certificate of appreciation from Mayor Lou Csordas. The efforts of these students show what can be accomplished by community-minded residents, volunteer labor and support from the business community.